1) How do I control Chef Zube's movement?'

Point the Siri remote at your Apple TV. While holding the remote rotate your wrist left to move the Chef left, rotate your wrist right to move the Chef right.

2) How many points do I score for a slice, pie or coin?

slice = 5 points

pie = 25 points

coin = 100 points

3) How many points do I need to get to the next level?

Level 2 = 600 points

Level 3 = 1,400 points

Level 4 = 2,400 points

Level 5 = 3,600 points

4) How do I buy points or lives?

On the Main Menu press “Store”.

5) How do I change the volume of the background music?

On the Main Menu press “Options” and adjust the “Music Volume” slider.

6) How do I turn of the “How to Play” screen I see every time the game starts?

On the Main Menu press “Options” and set the “How to Play” switch to Off.

7) I heard the delivery scene is really cool, what’s it look like?

Sorry, you have to finish the game to see it! :)